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Hello, my name is Michel Robichaud and I live in Montreal, province of Quebec, Canada. I have been retired for a number of years. My life revolves around my friends, my cat, my website, and occasional travel.

The website is mainly about my photos and videos.

My Pictures

Most of the photographs will be about nature, such as trees, flowers, trails, landscapes, etc.
A category of photos has been changed in various ways.

They were all photographed by myself here in Montreal, in Thailand where I lived or when I was traveling overseas.

My Photomontages

This section includes photos that I have edited. When taking the photo, I noticed that I saw shapes in the subjects. So I emphasized what I saw in my imagination.

My Videos

My videos also focus on my trips abroad and the city of Montreal in Quebec.

Thailand is in evidence having remained in that country for several years.

My Genealogy

You will find on this site some information relating to the beginning of the colony and mainly the history of the Robichaud and the Duchesnes.

However, to access my personal genealogy you will have to request a password.


I’m just a cat, and I stay in my place …
Up there on your chair, on your bed or your face!
I’m just a cat, and I’m not very picky …
I am happy with cream, anchovies and the like!
I’m just a cat and we’ll get along really well …
As long as you know, I’m not yours…
you’re all mine!

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